Dreams For Those Who Cannot

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One white highly polished life sized hand made human skull, hollowed out and carved from a single block of Burmese marble quarried from the hills of Sagaing near Mandalay. The skull’s crown is ringed with 12 interlocking reclining female nudes cast in sterling silver with a combined weight of 1.75 kilos or 1,750 grams. The smallest figure emerges from the left eye socket and the largest figure is holding in her out stretched arms a Sri Lankan quartz crystal of 314 carats containing a smokey double phantom which assumes the outer hexagonal shape. Surrounding the base of the crystal are 15 Japanese baroque pearls weighing 72.10 carats set in gold flashed silver weighing 64.32 grams. A panther encrusted with pave African orange sapphires weighing 3.25 carats stalks across the bed of pearls and has green tsavorite garnet eyes. The right eye socket of the marble skull contains a 97 carat Brazilian star rose quartz sphere, drilled out and fit with an inserted slice of eyeball agate placed in the center of the star’s apex. At the corner of the eyeball is a pear shaped rose red ruby of .60 carats framed in gold. The eyeball is set in 7.46 grams of silver and 15.24 grams of pure gold cast as the eye socket holding the rose quartz sphere. The gold eyelids are lined with .70 carats of fine white tapered baguette diamonds highlighted with black diamonds. There is a gold hexagonal cap at the base of the phantom quartz crystal which is signed and dated by the artist. Richard K. Diran, 2012. Finally the skull rests on a slab of slightly variegated black marble anchored in place by a black marble axis which fits in to a 12 kilo cylinder of orange breccia marble with a square base of the same material having truncated corners. The total height is 39cm, the width and depth at the base are 21.5cm respectively.


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