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Pygmalion And Galatea
  Product Code: MALB1 Paintings are printed on canvas.  

Pygmalion And Galatea

Dimensions 20"x30"

Pygmalion is one of the finest sculptors in ancient greece . He also hates women. For some reason of his own, perhaps to show all other women their deficiencies, he sculpts what for him is the most beautiful woman in the world. When he has finished and brought his work to the highest form, "Art That Conceals Art", he is utterly miserable.

He kisses his statue, but her lips are cold stone and unresponsive. He prays to venus, and she  hearing his prayers grants his wish and Galatea becomes flesh. Pygmalion is represented by his tools, his chisels and mallet. Galatea emerges from the white marble. The falling star represents venus.



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