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High quality giclee prints, done by Electric Works, of these paintings can now be purchased. Please email us at info@diranart.com for more information on how to order.
Prices are:
On canvas 28.5 inches by 36 inches $450 USD which includes
shipping and handling.  For 16 inches by 20 inches $269 USD.

In your email please include the name of
the painting you are interested in.


Salome was the daughter of Herodias who had left her husband Philip and
gone off with Herod, the ruler of Galilee. John the Baptist kept telling
Herod that it wasn't right  for him to have married his brother's wife, and
annoyed, had John imprisoned. On Herod's birthday he asked Salome to
dance for him and his whole group. Salome refused. Herod offered her jewels,
white peacocks and half of his kingdom if she would dance. He swore before
everyone that he would give her anything she asked for. After the
dance, and with her mother's council, Salome asked for the head of John the
Baptist on a plate. Herod was forced to keep his word and had John beheaded by the

 Pandora's Box.

Pandora is the source of all misfortune. The gods gave
her a box into which each one had put something harmful
and forbid her from ever opening it.
Of course she HAD to know what was in the box since
she was possessed by a lively curiosity. One day she
lifted the lid and out flew plagues,
sorrow and mischief for mankind. In terror Pandora
tried to shut the lid, but it was too late. The only
thing left in the box was HOPE, represented by
the rainbow.

City of Dreadful Night: 2002

The naked man is holding a skull and knows that he has the power of life and death. His girlfriend, chicken woman is hyper aware of the impending decision he must make. He wears the horns of the warrior beetle. there are two paths open to him. Christ offers his flaming heart as he steps out of the cloisters next to a stairway to ruin. He is wary of Christ. the girl in the lower left cups her breast, wearing a mask and a pearl necklace. she is unaffected by the outcome of his choice. The gold leafed spirals in the right corner are his thoughts.

The Key of Desire: 2002

The naked woman licks the key with her animal tongue. The lion is
confident that he has already won her heart as he wears a golden medallion of himself and plays the human femur bone flute. Is his music in the key of desire? The tiger is jealous with his lime green eyes and the leopard is an unconcerned soldier.

Undines: 2002

 Unlike mermaids, undines have the unique potential of possessing a soul if they are allowed to copulate with a man. The water surface is broken by the swimmers in two places producing a distorted reflection. The water is stirred to a froth by kicking feet. One undine with the tail of a fish listens to the sound of the sea in a seashell beneath the sea. What is she listening to?

Friday: Betrayal: 2003

The girl has betrayed the man in the most fundamental way, she has lied to him. That ancient reptilian survival technique has sprouted spines on her back. She know that she has lied and takes her punishment stoically. His face is the enraged mask of the Japanese "Noh" theater. she sits before a mirror but is unwilling to look at the punishment meted out and hides her face in her hands. She will betray him again and she knows this.

 Blind Date: 2003

The man and woman are on a blind date. She and he both have romantic illusions signified by the octopus which is the subconscious desire holding them together in his eight legged grip. This is the ancient story of hope and desire symbolized by a wall of fossils.

Dance Myself to Nothing: 2003

The skeleton is sitting on a rock fondling a topless girl in a white
skirt. She is a foreigner because that is where he came from. a desicated corpse wearing a hat, still clinging to life stands on a rock beside them about to grasp an eagle feather, while with his other hand he stems the flow of blood from his heart. The Egyptian book of the Dead speaks of balancing the human heart against the feather of an eagle. the misdeeds of the heart must not outweigh the eagle feather for a man to have eternal life. Behind them a couple dances themselves to nothing.

The Temptation of Eve

Knowledge visits in the guise of three snakes all of whom are
poisonous. Snake, the male genius penile element divulges the seductive arcane knowledge of good and evil. To Eve, our heroine, the extraction of  Adam's rib, the soufflé of God, who will disseminate and deceive all of
mankind through her insatiable thirst for knowing, to become the equal of God Himself, for it was only through that knowledge of the fruit which He forbade, that they were punished and banished from paradise.

Just as Prometheus had given fire to mankind, Greek Zeus God had
Prometheus chained to a rock for eternity to have his entrails eaten out by an eagle daily. Fortunately he was later rescued and God relented. All Gods are jealous of man becoming their equal.

Eve was born of the true ultimate immaculate conception, without mother or God and thus was without bellybutton. So as not to shock the viewer, I consented to paint a bellybutton in the canvas. Christ Himself in all his wisdom, was not the Son of God, but as he says Himself, he was the Son of Man and so born of Mary, he had a bellybutton.

All of this minutiae was giving Eve a headache, so she went to sleep and dreamed of meeting another of her own kind, sweet, beguiling and malleable with whom she could lay. The background is soft velvet drapery and the foreground of marble fudge ice cream. Eve having sampled that carnal fruit of knowledge, the fruit of desire, once digested, was found to be quite tasty.



Painting number 8 is based on a photo I took many years ago of my friend Roberto and my wife Junko, Roberto is seated on his opulent opium bed draped with leopard skins. The panels behind him contain spackled violet, pure gold leaf and butterflies, symbols of the metamorphosis. Below the panels are the four horses of the apocalypse, galloping behind a plume of opium smoke burning in a gem encrusted ebony and ivory opium pipe. Roberto is a light lime green, an emanation or aura of death which I have seen sometimes in those who die violently. Roberto was murdered, stabbed in the back.

There was an attempted murder of my wife Junko late last year, when she was pummeled over the head repeatedly with a hammer. He died, she Survived. This painting was cathartic in that it illustrates the murdered and the nearly murdered. The opium smoke dissipates into the atmosphere as does the transitory nature of life. ~
R.K. Diran, 2004

The Cyclops Polyphemus

The story of Cyclops comes to us from the Greek writer Homer in his Odyssey. Genesis says that God created man in HIS own image, while the Greeks said tat man made God in his own image. That idea had never entered the mind of man before.

The hero, Odysseus or Ulysses in Latin was on his way home with his crew from the Trojan War, and anchored his ship near a cave. Odysseus went off to explore with 12 of his men. Entering the cave, they ate cheese and drank milk. Cyclops, who forged the thunderbolts of Zeus roared that he was bigger than any God and feared none of them. He stretched out his mighty arms and seized in each hand one of the men, smashing their brains out and devouring them. Satisfied, Cyclops stretched out to sleep. Even if Odysseus and his men could kill Cyclops, they could never move the stone which sealed the entrance, and so would be imprisoned forever. Odysseus knew that if he could not find a way of escape, each of them would be eaten. In the morning two more of his men died in the jaws of the Cyclops. Then Cyclops drove out his sheep and goats and shut the stone behind him. Odysseus and his remaining men sharpened and long timber and hid it. When Cyclops returned, driving his flocks inside, he again ate two more men. Odysseus offered Cyclops wine and he he demanded more till he was drunk and went to sleep. Then Odysseus and his crew drew out the long wooden spike and drove it into Cyclops's eye. With an awful scream he sprang up and tore out the timber, but was blind. He searched his cave but could not find Odysseus and his men. At last he pushed the stone aside and stretched out his arms hoping to catch them escaping. Odysseus had a plan. His men clung on to the undersides of the wooly sheep, and as they filed out, Cyclops felt them over to make sure none carried a man on his back, but he never thought to feel the undersides. It was in this way that Odysseus and his men escaped.

Pygmalion and Galatea

Pygmalion is one of the finest sculptors in ancient Greece. He also
hates women. For some reason of his own, perhaps to show all other women their deficiencies, he sculpts what for him is the most beautiful woman in the world. When he has finished and brought his work to the highest form, "Art that conceals art", he is utterly miserable. He kisses his statue, but her lips are cold stone and unresponsive. He prays to Venus, and she  hearing his prayers grants his wish and Galatea becomes flesh. Pygmalion is represented by his tools, his chisels and mallet. Galatea emerges from the white marble. The falling star represents Venus.


Danae And The Shower of Gold

The King of Argos had only one child, a daughter named Danae. Although beautiful, the king wanted a son and went to the Delphic Oracle to ask if there was any hope of having a son. The Oracle said "NO" and worse that Danae would have a son who would kill him. The King could not put his innocent daughter to death so he built a room sunk underground but with part of the roof open to the sky so that light and air could come through. As she lay there a mysterious thing happened. A shower of gold fell from the sky, It
was Zeus in this form who impregnated her and she would bear the son who would kill her father the king.

Curious Giraffes

 It is a fantasy piece taking place in the Sossusvlei Desert of Namabia. When I was in Africa late last year, every place I saw Giraffes I asked whether it was possible to ride them. Of course it isn't, but still I love the image on riding such an elegant beast.




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