Women are all expressing something different with their eyes and thus the difference tells the viewer a story. The girl in the lower left shows shocked surprise, while the girl in the upper left pines away in mute resignation for what she knows is already lost and beyond hope. The eyes of the girl on the right show a wise council and understanding, or perhaps deceit. Do you think that you can do the same with a pair of poached eggs?

You who can draw a gaping bloody wound oozing with plump maggots and sickly yellow mucus, the diseased mouth of cleopatra sucking the herpes pustules from the skin remaining on the bitter skull of Alexander, should be better able to pluck out the eye which offendeth thee, or at least to pluck out that eye which offendeth me.

There is always the chance that maybe I am totally and absolutely wrong, and that Jeffery Dahmer actually eyes identical to those of daisy duck. He would have of course, if you had painted him.